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Death Certificates

Death Certificates

We will order certified copies of the death certificates from the local registrar to be given to the family after the service. The cost of each copy is currently six dollars. Additional copies may be ordered through the funeral home. At the end of the month, the original death certificate is sent to Vital Records in New Castle, PA, where it is kept on file. If additional copies are needed after the end of the month, it can sometimes take two to three weeks to receive them from New Castle, and the cost increases to nine dollars each. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining additional copies at any time in the future. You may either call the funeral home, or e-mail your request, and we will order the certificates for you.

Many organizations require certified copies of death certificates in order for survivors to receive benefits, and do not accept photocopies.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the more common places where certificates may be needed:

  • Life Insurance Companies (consult your agent or insurance company)
  • Credit Life Insurance (consult lending institution)
  • Employee Benefits (consult employer)
  • Vehicle Titles (including Auto, RV, Boat, Cycle, etc.)
  • Real Estate Titles (consult county clerk, realtor, or attorney)
  • Stocks & Bonds (consult financial advisor or broker)
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Social Security Administration
  • Banks (including trust accounts and safe deposit boxes)

Social Security Benefits 

We will take care of informing the Social Security Administration of a death. You are required to apply for the benefit yourself, and we will give you the necessary information to do so. Complete information regarding Social Security death benefits can be found on their website.

Veteran Benefits

Veteran Benefits

Our staff and the Veteran's Affairs Office can help you with questions regarding death benefits, the flag, headstones and grave markers, and survivor and dependent's benefits. In order to secure benefits for an honorably discharged veteran, we must be provided with the veteran's discharge papers, referred to as "DD-214". Without this, we are not able to provide any benefit, including the flag. If you are unable to locate this document, we can contact the Lancaster County Courthouse or the VA offices in Philadelphia.

Memorial Contributions

Your funeral director can assist you with the selection of a charitable organization for the designation of memorial contributions in your loved ones name.